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Confirmed Entertainment - Yule 2017

Saturday 25th November 2017
The Stanley Halls
 12 South Norwood Hill
SE25 6AB

12 noon - 10pm

We will be adding more information as we receive further booking confirmations so it is a good idea to visit this page regularly to keep up to date. Also as soon as we have editing time to update the page with!

**Ticket price includes entry to any / all areas**
 All areas of the celebration are wheelchair friendly

Confirmed Entertainment
Entertainment will run from 12 - 10pm

(Change to previous headliner)


8:45 - We are thrilled to introduce to our event: MARK HARRISON

with Ed Hopwood (drums/percussion/harmonica)

Mark Harrison’s highly individual, all-original music has been going down very well with audiences of all kinds, and it has taken him to some of the top venues and festivals in the UK, attracting acclaim wherever he goes.  Mark has taken the style of the early blues and folk/blues innovators, and given it totally modern relevance. His songs all have something to say or a story to tell. With their memorable tunes, striking lyrics and strong rhythms, they make people think, smile and move. He is doing something genuinely fresh and different, tapping into the timeless quality of ‘old’ music to produce something brand new and totally relevant to the present day.




7:30 - Paul Mitchell - offers the pagan community a chance to laugh at itself. With mostly satirical songs aimed at the very hearts of those who use paganism for self promotion, Damh "The Bard" has said Paul's songs can bring boils out on the faces of those targeted. Paul has been playing around camp fires and at festivals for over a decade, including a successful sell out set of gigs in Arizona, USA. A great chance to sing along and join in the chorus!


6:15 -
Morrigans Path Contemporary. Original. Groovy. Folk. A rare bunch of minstrels who enjoy making music and having a laugh together...


4:15 ~ Matthew Callow ~  From haunting melodic chants to lively hypnotic trance tracks. Matthew has a captivating voice that will keep you spellbound. With influences from various traditions and cultures from across the globe Matthew’s voice has been described by listeners as rich, uplifting and haunting.


2:45 ~ Grim Nora  ~ Grim Nora are Mr E and Mrs P who have been playing folk music together for many years. They will entertain you with music, song and dance on a variety of instruments ancient and modern, guaranteed to get the toes tapping Great tunes to get everyone up and jigging about. (See if you can work out what the name is an anagram of!)

1:15 ~ CellaDoor ~ kicking the afternoon off with some good old pub style rock and rollin'.  


Black Swan Morris Team dancing traditional (and not so traditional) Border Morris. No bells and hankies, just tatters and big sticks!


Various times during the afternoon!              Pentacle Drummers - If you heard them play at our last event (well you couldn't not if you were in a 3 mile radius of the venue!) they are back again bringing their amazing energy to this event with their contagious, powerful, tribal-esque rythms to entertain the masses!

12.45 ~ Opening Ritual  Welcome to our ancestors!

DRUMOUT - Bring a drum and join in the fun! A walk around the venue drumming and raising the energy. Everyone welcome to join in.

6.00 ~ Closing Ceremony.

Don't forget that the live music will continue until 10pm
Thank you!

We hope you all have a wonderful day and take with you great memories and bucket loads of positive energy.


Confirmed Stalls
Stalls will be open from 12 - 6pm


Kassandra - Merry Meet, I am a practising Pagan. I am an honest, caring and empathic person. I have been reading Runes and Oracle cards for 7 years.  I felt it was finally time to share my knowledge with others and help in any way I can. I give honest down to Earth readings. My website for my readings is : https://www.facebook.com/ReadingsByKassandra


Wallington Animal Rescue (WAR)are a small independent rescue centre and are entirely self funding. They are predominately a cat rescue but also help small animals like rodents and reptiles, space and foster homes permitting. A wonderful organisation set up in 2014 by a husband and wife team. Try your hand at the tombola or support the cause by purchasing something from the selection of lovely merchandise. (Sorry, there will be no kittens for sale!)


Talismanic Silver of London ~ They have been joyfully involved in the manufacture and trade of Silver Jewellery since 1996. They have learnt much from talented silversmiths, stone carvers and designers. A fantastic range of spiritual and symbolic jewellery. 




 Kith of Yggdrasil / The Troth
Kith of Yggdrasil - Aims to bring the spiritual teachings and values of the Odinic Heathen way to the modern world. We strive to learn, to teach, to live in accordance with our Gods, and to provide a voice for Heathenry in the world at large.


 The Troth - Asatru is a religion rooted in history and relevant for the modern age. Revived after a nearly one-thousand year long sleep, our faith represents an outlook and a way of life whose time has come again.

GwyndionAsh - Come and have a reading and find your way by the trees using the divination system of Ogham.


The Realm of the Woodland Fae – Beautiful handcrafted willow products for the home and garden, some with a Yuletide twist!


 Scorch's Pyrography - I use pyrography (Pyrography is the traditional art of burning a design onto wood) and other craft techniques to decorate various wooden, leather and other items as a hobby, creating unique hand-crafted items, ideal as personalised gifts. I am also happy to take commissions. http://www.scorchpyro.co.uk


 Cobwebs & Cauldrons - are a witchcraft suppliers based in Essex
we supply all your witchy basics like herbs, candles, incence as well as all the lovely extras like altar cloths, cauldrons, jewellery, and much more.
send Cobwebs N Cauldrons a friends request on Facebook if you wish to contact us.


 Ember Vincent - from the belly of the earth comes clay, fire, water...Handmade original ceramic Goddess and God sculptures, altar pieces and other items with a Pagan element. All items are designed and created by myself. Come and like my Facebook page “Ember Vincent” for updates and giveaways. www.embervincent.co.uk


Pagana Designs ~ A huge selection of handmade sparkly and jangly beaded and charm jewellery to suit all tastes. Bracelets, necklaces, trinkets and more.


Witchware.net - I'm Nigel Cox and I run Witchware.net. Witchware is for 'witch-crafts'.  That is to say, crafts made by a witch (that'll be me). Here you'll find leathercrafts, a book about Witchcraft and The Old Religion (written by me), and coming soon, a programme especially for magical practitioners (what you might call a 'pagan programme'). Plus more magical supplies.  Take a look at www.witchware.net

Darryl - will be available for 15 minute astrology star chart readings.

Original Artwork  - a lovely selection of original artworks on mugs, other ceramics, T-shirts, key rings etc. Ideal Yule gifts!

There will also be additional stalls carrying books, information, and pagan supplies.

Confirmed Talks & Workshops (2nd Floor)
From 1.15 - 6pm

We have speakers and will be updating the website as soon as possible with the confirmed times  

1 - 1:45pm  The Secrets of the Tarot
Learn about the Cochranian Tarot based on Parzival Legend

2 - 2:45pm ~ Jeremy Morgan
Druidry/Druidism: A Walk through the Forest (by an Observant Nemophilist)

3 – 3:45 ~ Andrew Rea

Supernatural beings in Anglo Saxon England, illustrated with a poem or two.

(So it’s elves, dwarfs, goblins, dragons and puckers!)

4 - 4:45pm NOTE: Change to previously advertised
Phil Parkin - The Horrible History of Heathenry 

5 - 5:45pm - Sean McCann - Ghost hunter
Look into the Paranormal. A talk about the work they have carried out searching for proof and how they gather evidence.

Food and Beverages

There is a very well stocked bar on site with a great range of Beer (Sourced from CAMRA award winning pub The Hope, Carshalton), wines, soft drinks etc. and MEAD!

Tasty homemade food, teas and coffees are available from a café on-site.

The is also a Tesco Express opposite the venue. (Yes you can bring your food into the venue)

More eateries just a short walk away.

Pagan Beaver - PB will be attending as usual! If you have not met Pagan Beaver yet, please come and say Hi!


Please note: In line with UK law all psychic and tarot work is deemed for entertainment purposes only and is not experimentally proven. Any advice given during readings must not be used in place of professional legal, financial or medical help or advice. We accept no liability for any adverse consequences arising from reliance on advice given in place of getting professional advice. We reserve the right to decline requests for readings and this at times may be without further explanation. You must be over 18 to request a reading.

From the heart, Blessed Be