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Confirmed Entertainment - Belostra 2017

Saturday 22nd April 2017
The Stanley Halls
 12 South Norwood Hill
SE25 6AB

12 noon - 10pm

We will be adding more information as we receive further booking confirmations so it is a good idea to visit this page regularly to keep up to date. Also as soon as we have editing time to update the page with!

**Ticket price includes entry to any / all areas**

Confirmed Entertainment
Entertainment will run from 12 - 10pm
Main Theatre (Ground Floor)


We are very happy to announce that the fantastic Inkubus Sukkubus are confirmed and will be returning and joining us at the new Belostra 2017 event. 

Inkubus Sukkubus are a British goth and Pagan band who have been releasing albums and touring since their formation as Incubus Succubus in 1989. 

The band are currently celebrating their 25 year aniversary in 2014. In March of 2014 Inkubus Sukkubus released their 18th Album entitled "Love Poltergeist", which has so far proven highly popular and has to date out sold all of their recent albums, those released since the advent of filesharing.


7:30 - Yhaalhouse Experience - They are a group of musicians who love a laugh, an impromptu jam and a pint. They will be playing a selection of hits and obscurities from the 60's, 70's and beyond in a punky, folky, Saturday afternoon sort of groove. A great start to the evening!



6:15 - Paul Mitchell - offers the pagan community a chance to laugh at itself. With mostly satirical songs aimed at the very hearts of those who use paganism for self promotion, Damh "The Bard" has said Paul's songs can bring boils out on the faces of those targeted. Paul has been playing around camp fires and at festivals for over a decade, including a successful sell out set of gigs in Arizona, USA. A great chance to sing along and join in the chorus!


4:15 - Cliff Carr Wonderful hand crafted songs to make you smile. Cliff wrote his first album, "My Journey around Caer Abiri", Which evolved from his first year and a day as the bard of Avebury, (2008 - 2009), where he has written about the area and the celebrations of the said place, with the moods and the seasons of the planet, the inspiring sunrises, and the ever changing phases of the moon.


2:45 - Black Swan Morris Team dancing traditional (and not so traditional) Border Morris. No bells and hankies, just tatters and big sticks!

1:15 - Grim Nora  ~ Grim Nora are Mr E and Mrs P who have been playing folk music together for many years. They will entertain you with music, song and dance on a variety of instruments ancient and modern, guaranteed to get the toes tapping Great tunes to get everyone up and jigging about. (See if you can work out what the name is an anagram of!)


Various times during the afternoon! Pentacle Drummers - If you heard them play at our last event (well you couldn't not if you were in a 3 mile radius of the venue!) they are back again bringing their amazing energy to this event with their contagious, powerful, tribal-esque rythms to entertain the masses!

12.45 ~ Opening Ritual  Welcome to our ancestors!

DRUMOUT - Bring a drum and join in the fun! A walk around the venue drumming and raising the energy. Everyone welcome to join in.

6.00 ~ Closing Ceremony.

Don't forget that the live music will continue until 10pm
Thank you!

We hope you all have a wonderful day and take with you great memories and bucket loads of positive energy.


Confirmed Stalls (1st Floor)
Stalls will be open from 12 - 6pm


Kassandra - Merry Meet, I am a practising Pagan. I am an honest, caring and empathic person. I have been reading Runes and Oracle cards for 7 years.  I felt it was finally time to share my knowledge with others and help in any way I can. I give honest down to Earth readings. My website for my readings is : https://www.facebook.com/ReadingsByKassandra


Hedingham Fair -  Hedingham Fair features Karen Cater’s art, specializing in Earth Mysteries and folklore. Karen produces greetings cards, particularly Yule and Winter Solstice, the Ogham alphabet and folklore surrounding Hares. She designs T-shirts, writes books, and illustrates the Calendar of Traditional Customs. We also have beautiful giftware made by other British Craftspeoplegiftware made by other British Craftspeople

Mirage Design ~ a huge selection of mainly Sterling Silver jewellery. There really is something for everyone on this stall.


Egyptian Chambers - Suppliers of authentic Egyptian products from Egypt. We supply Statues of Gods and Goddesses, Pyramids and hand painted papyrus. We also specialise in pure Egyptian oils, that can be used as a fragrance, Aromatherapy, use in an oil burner and meditation. Please visit us  www.egyptianchambersoils.com or email egyptianchambers@aol.com


Nathans Stuff ~ a lovely choice of all hand made items such as Dream Catchers. All unique, no two the same.

GwyndionAsh - Come and have a reading and find your way by the trees using the divination system of Ogham.


Wallington Animal Rescue (WAR)are a small independent rescue centre and are entirely self funding. They are predominately a cat rescue but also help small animals like rodents and reptiles, space and foster homes permitting. A wonderful organisation set up in 2014 by a husband and wife team. Try your hand at the tombola or support the cause by purchasing something from the selection of lovely merchandise. (Sorry, there will be no kittens for sale!)

The Witches Way - you will find beautiful and unique, genuine gemstone healing tools as wands, pendulums, generators, tumble stones and crystal healing sets along side with handcrafted altar sets, smudging kits, divination tools, besoms, poppets & healing gifts.


Confirmed Talks & Workshops (2nd Floor)
From 1.15 - 6pm

We have speakers and will be updating the website as soon as possible with the confirmed times  

1 - 1:45pm
Andrew Rea -
Healing and charms in Anglo Saxon England: plus the usual poem or two. 

2 - 2:45pm The Order of the Horse and the Moon - The life and philosophy of Robert Cochrane - Cochrane is an enigmatic figure, known by many but understood by few. The talk will shed light on the life and philosophy of Cochrane from his childhood during the Blitz to his death at midsummer 1966.

3 - 3:45pm - Clive Jackson aka U Lin - 
Gemstone Sorcery and Stone Magick: It has long been established that stones and crystals have magical affinities and properties, in this talk were be looking at  were crystals come from, how they have been used in history, methods of cleansing, dedicating and how stones/crystals can be used as tools for healing and ritual.




4 - 4:45pm
Jeremy Morgan - Rituals & Celebrations: How to construct a meaningful event with intent (or What I do and How I do it, from the Pagan Point of View - by the Chief Celebrant of the Loose Association of Druids

5 - 5:45pm -
Caroline Westbury -
Germanic Divination: Geomancy is a simple and easy to master system of divination that probably began in Africa or the Arab world but which spread into Europe in the middle ages. It uses 16 characters and is famous for giving simple answers to simple questions. You will be given all the tools and skills to incorporate this system of divination in your usual magical practice.


Pagan Beaver - PB will be attending as usual! If you have not met Pagan Beaver yet, please come and say Hi!


Please note: In line with UK law all psychic and tarot work is deemed for entertainment purposes only and is not experimentally proven. Any advice given during readings must not be used in place of professional legal, financial or medical help or advice. We accept no liability for any adverse consequences arising from reliance on advice given in place of getting professional advice. We reserve the right to decline requests for readings and this at times may be without further explanation. You must be over 18 to request a reading.

From the heart, Blessed Be